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MPCCC’s mission is to advance cancer care by integrating our network of partners in discovery, translational and clinical research, develop accessible platforms in order to support future patient-centred research and clinical care; and advance clinical expertise and experience through inter disciplinary collaborations. Current Programs and Future Opportunities within the MPCCC Precision Cancer Plan have been categorised under five main themes.

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Therapy Acceleration

Therapy Acceleration

A pivotal initiative aimed at transforming the landscape of cancer care in Victoria. Our program is driven by a clear and overarching goal: to enhance access to cancer therapies and clinical trials for our cancer patients. Specifically, we are dedicated to improving outcomes in underserved communities across Victoria. 

Leveraging Technology and Data Sharing

One of the key pillars of the Therapy Acceleration Program is to optimise access to clinical trials and therapies through the secure and strategic use of technology and data sharing. We recognize that innovation in healthcare often relies on harnessing the power of data and technology to drive research improvements.

Empowering a Well-Connected Workforce

Our second critical objective focuses on optimising access to clinical trials and therapies through a well-connected and well-informed healthcare workforce. We understand that an engaged and knowledgeable workforce is vital in promoting the significance of tumour pathology and molecular profiling.

Key components of this objective include:

Molecular Tumour Board meetings

A pillar of the MPCCC Therapy Acceleration Program is the Unified Pan-Cancer MTB meetings, which are held fortnightly. The MTB meeting is an organised platform that brings together. Clinicians, Molecular Oncology and Pathology Fellows, bioinformaticians, cancer research scientists and Key Subject Matter Experts across MPCCC partner organisations for exchanging knowledge and advancement in Precision Medicine. This platform also facilitates discussion around clinical interpretation of genomic findings, novel targeted cancer treatments and cancer trials available to patients referred via MPCCC referral pathways as part of the Molecular Screening Programs with the support of the MPCCC Molecular Oncology and Pathology fellows.

MPCCC Molecular Oncology and Pathology Fellows Network

MPCCC Fellows at the 2024 Cancer Forum. From left to right: Dr Gordon Ratcliff, Dr Edbert Wong, Dr Pranav Dorwal, Dr Pinki Soni, Dr Alison Hiong, Dr Richard Kelly

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Therapy Acceleration Working Group

Under this program the MPCCC has established a Therapy Acceleration Working Group to Increase collaboration and communication between experienced multidisciplinary teams from across MPCCC partner organisations to guide and support the MPCCC precision cancer program, to  identify and recommend therapy options for patients from MPCCC partners based on molecular profiling results, including clinical trials and access schemes, and to recommend clinical trial participation by site including distributing rare cancer trials across sites.

Partnership with OMICO

The MPCCC established a partnership with OMICO to become a member site in the Omico national clinical trial network (ONCTN). The MOU signed by both parties sets out a framework for Omico and MPCCC to work collaboratively to maximise patient access to a greater range of clinical trials through the coordinated distribution of clinical trials across ONCTN member sites.

MPCCC as an ONCTN site will be driving change and shaping the future by contributing to a national collaborative precision oncology research ecosystem.