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MPCCC’s mission is to advance cancer care by integrating our network of partners in discovery, translational and clinical research, develop accessible platforms in order to support future patient-centred research and clinical care; and advance clinical expertise and experience through inter disciplinary collaborations. Current Programs and Future Opportunities within the MPCCC Precision Cancer Plan have been categorised under five main themes.

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Molecular Pathology

Molecular Pathology

We are dedicated to advancing the field of molecular pathology in Australia. Our Molecular Pathology  program is anchored by two primary objectives, each aimed at enhancing healthcare outcomes through innovation and collaboration.

Molecular Pathology Referral Pathways

One of the cornerstones of our Molecular Pathology Program is to evaluate and strengthen the pathways molecular pathology referrals in Victoria. Our goal is to ensure that healthcare providers in underserved communities have seamless access to these cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

Key initiatives under this objective include:

  • Pathway Evaluation: A comprehensive evaluation of existing NGS and molecular pathology referral pathways to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Accessibility: Initiatives to make NGS and molecular pathology services more accessible to healthcare providers across Victoria, thereby empowering them to provide patients with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Collaboration partnerships: Collaboration is at the heart of our program. Through partnerships with organisations like OMICO, we pool expertise, resources, and knowledge to drive advancements in molecular pathology and NGS.

Promoting Awareness and Support for Molecular Pathology

Our second objective is to raise awareness and foster support for Molecular Pathology referrals across Victoria. We recognize that informed referrals and a robust support system are key to ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care.

Key Initiatives under this objective encompass:

  • Education and Outreach: Educational programs and awareness roadshows targeting healthcare professionals, patients, and the public to increase understanding of the value and benefits of Molecular Pathology.  Informed referrals and understanding can make all the difference in patient outcomes.
  • Supportive Resources: The development of resources and tools that facilitate Molecular Pathology referrals and provide guidance to healthcare providers and researchers.
  • Advocacy: Advocating for the importance of Molecular Pathology in healthcare decision-making and policy discussions, emphasising its critical role in improving patient outcomes.

If you are a clinician wanting to learn more about molecular pathology referrals through the MPCCC and  our ongoing initiatives please visit our contacts page.