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MPCCC’s mission is to advance cancer care by integrating our network of partners in discovery, translational and clinical research, develop accessible platforms in order to support future patient-centred research and clinical care; and advance clinical expertise and experience through inter disciplinary collaborations. Current Programs and Future Opportunities within the MPCCC Precision Cancer Plan have been categorised under five main themes.

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Outcomes and Impact

Outcomes and Impact

At MPCCC, we are committed to making a tangible difference in cancer outcomes. Our Outcomes and Impact Program is at the forefront of this mission, focusing on developing an evaluation framework to better understand and measure the impact of the MPCCC Program on various critical areas, including patient outcomes, workforce development, and equity.

Measuring What Matters

In the realm of healthcare, measuring the impact of programs and initiatives is crucial. The Outcomes and Impact Program takes a proactive approach to ensure that every effort we put forth yields meaningful results. We are dedicated to evaluating and enhancing the value generated by our programs.

Under the umbrella of the Outcomes and Impact Program, we have set forth ambitious yet achievable goals:

  1. Developing an Evaluation Framework: Our primary objective is to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework that allows us to assess the impact of the MPCCC initiatives accurately. This framework will serve as a robust tool for measuring outcomes, gauging workforce development, and evaluating equity in cancer care delivery.
  2. Focusing on Patient Outcomes: We are deeply committed to improving patient outcomes. Through meticulous evaluation, we aim to identify ways in which our programs can enhance patient care.
  3. Supporting Workforce Development: The Outcomes and Impact Program acknowledges the vital role of research and healthcare professionals. We seek to ensure that our programs contribute to the development and advancement of the healthcare workforce, fostering excellence and growth.
  4. Promoting Equity: Healthcare equity is a cornerstone of our mission. We are determined to assess and address disparities in access to care, ensuring that every patient receives the same high standard of healthcare, regardless of background or circumstances.

Creating Sustainable Impact

We understand that impact is not measured by immediate outcomes alone. The true value of our programs lies in their sustainability and enduring effect. Through the Outcomes and Impact Program, we aim to guarantee the lasting success of the MPCCC Program.

Stay connected for updates, insights, and opportunities to collaborate with us in shaping the future of healthcare through measurable outcomes and enduring impact. At MPCCC, we believe in the power of evidence-based evaluation to drive meaningful change.