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MPCCC’s mission is to advance cancer care by integrating our network of partners in discovery, translational and clinical research, develop accessible platforms in order to support future patient-centred research and clinical care; and advance clinical expertise and experience through inter disciplinary collaborations. Current Programs and Future Opportunities within the MPCCC Precision Cancer Plan have been categorised under five main themes.

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Discovery and Innovation

Discovery and Innovation

At MPCCC, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of research and innovation. Our Discovery and Innovation Program serves as a vital bridge, connecting the realms of discovery research and clinical research. Through this program, we aim to facilitate collaborative projects that drive scientific progress and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Fostering Collaboration for Breakthroughs

The heart of our Discovery and Innovation Program lies in fostering collaboration between research domains that traditionally operate in separate spheres. We recognize that real breakthroughs often occur at the intersection of disciplines, and our program seeks to facilitate these transformative connections. 

We have established mechanisms to promote workforce development and share knowledge and expertise across the MPCCC to enhance skills development in the areas of research translation and clinical implementation across the MPCCC. Together with the Biomedicine Discovery Institute we run the Cancer Discovery Seminars, a platform dedicated to sharing the latest strides in precision oncology research.. We also run tech talks and educational workshops that delve into cutting-edge technologies propelling precision cancer advancements.

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Cancer Research Resource 

Under the umbrella of the Discovery and Innovation Program, we are committed to shaping the future of oncology research. Our mission is to provide researchers working on clinical and translational cancer studies with valuable resources that facilitate groundbreaking discoveries and advancements. One of our flagship projects within the Discovery and Innovation Program is the creation of the Cancer Research Resource. This innovative resource is designed to centralise and streamline access to critical resources for researchers including access to biological material and datasets, including genomic, clinical, and treatment information, enabling researchers to explore cancer biology and patient outcomes comprehensively.

A Cutting-Edge Molecular Sequencing Registry

Under the umbrella of the Discovery and Innovation Program, we are establishing a registry for collecting and sharing molecular sequencing data.  This registry is more than just a repository for information; it's a catalyst for change. Here's why it's so essential:

  1. Accelerating Translational Outcomes: By amassing a wealth of molecular sequencing data from various sources, our registry empowers researchers to accelerate translational outcomes. We believe that the faster we can translate research findings into tangible clinical applications, the sooner we can make a difference in patients' lives.
  2. Leveraging Comprehensive Genome Sequencing Programs: We've strategically designed our registry to align with Comprehensive Genome Sequencing Programs. This strategic alignment allows us to harness the wealth of information generated through these programs, unlocking new possibilities in research and treatment.
  3. Enhancing Collaboration: The registry acts as a collaborative hub where researchers and institutions can share insights, discoveries, and data. This fosters a sense of unity in the research community and encourages cooperative efforts that push the boundaries of knowledge.

Stay tuned for updates, partnerships, and exciting research opportunities within our program. Together, we're poised to make meaningful strides in the world of science and healthcare.

Empowering researchers through seed funding

To ensure our impact in cancer care continues to grow, we have established the Seed Funding Program. This initiative helps foster innovation within the MPCCC community who are seeking external funding opportunities, to drive immediate impact. Our Seed Funding Program is designed to provide critical support to researchers with innovative projects that align with the MPCCC strategic priorities. We understand that these early-stage initiatives have the potential to enhance outcomes and accelerate progress for cancer patients.

Our goal is clear: to empower researchers with the resources and support they need to turn innovative ideas into research that enhances cancer care and accelerates progress for the benefit of patients. Together, we can make strides in precision oncology and transform the landscape of cancer care, offering new hope and better outcomes to cancer patients and their families.

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