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MPCCC projects involve multi-disciplinary clinicians and researchers from across MPCCC partner organisations. These projects aim to support pre-clinical research, identify and address gaps in cancer research and services, facilitate the translation of research into clinical care, and use robust data to determine future priorities.

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Monash-Gippsland tele-trials project

Monash-Gippsland tele-trials project

The Monash-Gippsland Tele-Trials Pilot aimed to increase access to clinical trials for people in the Gippsland Region and reduce the need for people with cancer to travel to large metropolitan centres in Melbourne to undertake trial-related visits and procedures.

The project developed collaboration and networking between Latrobe Regional Hospital and Monash Health, contribute to workforce development by building clinical trial capabilities in Gippsland, and improve evidence-based practice in clinical trials by improving the rate of recruitment and participation of patients in clinical trials. This was aiming to increase participation in research into cancers with lower rates of incidence or low survival rates.