The MPCCC is a network of eight of Victoria's largest hospitals working together with Monash University's world leading research and education to advance cancer care.

Who are we?

The MPCCC is led by a team of internationally renowned researchers and clinicians. We are a network of eight hospitals who care for over 19,000 cancer patients each year. Click the link below to learn more about our team and governance group.

Our people

Why do we exist?

Our mission is to amplify the efforts of our alliance members and work at scale to drive improvements in cancer care for over 2.1 million Victorians. We want to ensure patients across our network have equitable access to the most up to date evidence-based cancer care and resources.

Our priorities

What do we do?

MPCCCs collaborative research programs target real life problems for our consumers that are changing the shape of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Our programs
past to present

MPCCC has evolved since being established in 2011

2021 - Current

VCA 4 year funding agreement

  • VCA 4 year funding agreement
  • Co-contributions from partner organisations
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2019 - 2020

Commitment to fund several pilot projects

  • Precision oncology program
  • PROMS and PREMS collection – in real time and via registries
  • Innovative models of shared care: treating depression in people with cancer
  • Monash-Gippsland tele-trials project
  • COVID19 Cancer Network
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2011 - 2018

Funding was ‘seed’
and intermittent

  • Limited resources
  • Establishing a research network
  • Communicating research activity
  • Ad hoc projects and short term commitments

Partnership was
established to:

  • Promote and strengthen cancer research across south-east Victoria
  • Collaborate across organisations, sites and disciplines
  • Link clinical and discovery research
  • Link ideas and resources
  • Increase scale and impact of research along with additional community involvement
  • Attract funding for cancer research