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April 8, 2024

Tim Richardson visits MPCCC

The MPCCC was delighted to host a visit from the Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health & Suicide Prevention and Health Infrastructure, Mr Tim Richardson MP, to Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) at Monash University on Thursday, June

Welcomed by Co-Directors, Prof Mark Shackleton and Prof Melissa Southey, as well as the Program Lead for Discovery and Innovation, Prof Roger Daly and the Program Manager, Ms Lama Karroum, the meeting fostered an open dialogue, allowing the MPCCC team to share both their achievements and challenges.

Professor Mark Shackleton said the visit provided an invaluable opportunity for Tim to meet with the MPCCC team, learn about our world-class program of work, and gain insight into the MPCCC’s mission to advance cancer care for all Victorians.

“We were delighted to welcome Tim Richardson to the MPCCC. The meeting allowed us to share our expertise and insights and find areas of common concern. We discussed the ongoing projects and initiatives undertaken by MPCCC, aiming to make a significant impact in the field of cancer care and research,” explained Prof Shackleton.

The visit allowed Mr Richardson to witness firsthand the dedication and passion of the MPCCC team.

Prof Melissa Southey said MPCCC researchers and healthcare professionals were able to detail their commitment to continue to improve patient outcomes through equitable and innovative treatment strategies, personalised medicine approaches, and a patient-centred care philosophy.

“Mr Richardson was able to witness firsthand the collaborative efforts of MPCCC’s  researchers and healthcare professionals. We were able to demonstrate our commitment to a patient-centred care philosophy, focusing on improving equitable access to cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment,” said Prof Southey.

Tim Richardson expressed his support for the ongoing efforts of MPCCC and recognised the consortium’s vital role in shaping the future of cancer care in Victoria.

By fostering collaboration between government, researchers, healthcare providers and patients, MPCCC continues to drive significant progress in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.