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October 12, 2023

MPCCC on the move: Roadshows Deepen Collaboration

The Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) has embarked on a roadshow series to continue to improve connectivity and collaboration with our partner hospitals, fostering face-to-face interactions and deepening our bonds with the oncology and pathology community.

The roadshows have been a platform for meaningful dialogue and exchange, creating opportunities for further collaboration. The diversity of locations so far (Alfred Health, Monash Health and Cabrini Health) has enabled us to engage with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, from clinical haematologists and oncologists to researchers, nurses, clinical trialist, allied health professionals, and hospital executives.

“These roadshows have allowed us to engage directly with cancer care teams, enabling us to better understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.” Prof Mark Shackleton, Co-Director of MPCCC explained.

As part of the roadshow program, attendees have delved into the heart of MPCCC’s mission. Through presentations and discussions, we’ve outlined our Precision Oncology Program, highlighted recent achievements, and unveiled upcoming initiatives. The central theme of the roadshow, “What can the MPCCC do for you, your patients, and your research?” resonates throughout the sessions, emphasising our commitment to tailor our efforts to the unique needs of each hospital.

Prof Melissa Southey, Co-Director of MPCCC said; “Meeting face-to-face has been incredibly rewarding. It has given us the chance to share the impactful work we’re doing and, equally importantly, to listen and learn from the exceptional professionals who are at the forefront of cancer treatment.”

Gary Richardson, Group Director, Cabrini Research said during the roadshow; “Obviously this is a fantastic program, we have been very keen to be on board since the start. Precision medicine, the channelling of patients into new trials, it’s very exciting. World literature shows patients tend to do a lot better if they have the opportunity to be involved in molecular testing. This program is the best innovation the MPCCC has done.”

Stay tuned for updates as our roadshows unfold. We look forward to connecting, sharing, and creating a brighter future for cancer care and research together.