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November 28, 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Prostate Cancer Research: A/Prof Wee Loon Ong Wins MPCCC prize for best abstract in cancer research

Photo: Prof Steve Jane, Head of Research, Alfred Health, congratulates award winner A/Prof Wee Loon Ong.

Congratulations to A/Prof Wee Loon Ong who has been awarded the MPCCC prize for best abstract in cancer research at the 2023 Alfred Health Week abstract/scientific competition.

A/Prof Wee Loon Ong, a Radiation Oncologist specialising in prostate cancer care, based at Alfred Health and affiliated with Monash University Central Clinical School, stood out with his abstract titled "Testosterone Recovery Following Androgen Suppression and Prostate Radiotherapy (TRANSPORT) – Individual Patient-Data Meta-Analysis from the MARCAP Consortium." 

The winning entry is a testament to the collaborative efforts within the international MARCAP Consortium, highlighting the global impact of cutting-edge research.

The TRANSPORT meta-analysis, led by A/Prof Ong, involved pooling individual patient data from over 2,000 men across five international prospective randomised trials. Notably, two Australian trials, TROG9601 and TROG0304, were integral contributors to this comprehensive study. These trials focused on men who underwent prostate radiation therapy with androgen suppression, with a meticulous collection of serial testosterone data.

The results of the meta-analysis revealed a substantial delay in testosterone recovery among men subjected to prolonged androgen suppression. This crucial finding holds significant implications for clinical practice, providing clinicians, doctors, and researchers with valuable insights to better counsel men on the anticipated timeline for the resolution of androgen suppression-related side effects.

A/Prof Wee Loon Ong's expertise extends beyond his role as a Radiation Oncologist. He also serves as the Academic Lead of the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry Australia and New Zealand (PCOR-ANZ) at Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. His dedication to advancing prostate cancer care and research is evident in the depth and impact of the TRANSPORT meta-analysis.

Alfred Health Week continues to be a beacon for collaboration, excellence, and innovation in the field of healthcare research. The winning abstract and its implications underscore the critical role that collaborative efforts play in advancing our understanding of complex medical challenges, ultimately benefiting patients and the broader healthcare community.

Congratulations once again to A/Prof Wee Loon Ong on this well-deserved recognition, and may his work inspire and pave the way for continued excellence in the field of prostate cancer research.