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October 12, 2023

Capturing the essence of change: Unveiling the Artistry of Graphic Recordings at the Precision Oncology Summit 2023

In the world of cancer research and innovation, collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of progress. With this philosophy at the forefront, the VCCC Alliance and MPCCC hosted the Precision Oncology Summit this year, where over 200 leading experts in cancer genomics met in Melbourne to discuss advancing patient access to precision oncology.

The summit had the pleasure of hosting Jessamy from ‘Think in colour’, a graphic recorder. Graphic recording is the process of visually capturing content, in real time, using a combination of words, shapes, symbols and imagery. Their aim is to take complex ideas, clarify and visualise the message and make it simple, engaging and shareable. Attendees witnessed the transformation of abstract concepts being turned into tangible images, fostering comprehension and sparking new ideas in real time.

Unveiling the artwork

As discussions delved into groundbreaking research, cutting-edge treatments, and innovative strategies, the graphic recorder mirrored the essence of these dialogues in a stunning visual tapestry.

Here are the results: